Share capital is the value that the partners or shareholders establish for a company at the time of opening. It is the gross amount that is invested, the amount needed to start the activities of a new company, considering the time when it will not yet generate enough profit to support itself.

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In Brazil, share capital is known as “capital social”.

Conversely, the english term “social capital” means the value of positive products of human interaction. The positive outcome may be tangible or intangible and may include useful information, innovative ideas, and future opportunities created by that society.

We at aim to integrate share capital and capital social and create a bridge between Brazil’s economy and the world.

Brazil once a growing economy now languishes under the current Bolsonaro government. Nonetheless keeps being one of the most interesting and potential economies of the world.

Social media as a way to promote good

Social media is an effortless way to connect with like-minded people regardless of location. It has become easier for us to connect with businesses, family and friends. We can also interact with people of authority or people we admire. That artists that seemed unreachable is only a few clicks away.

For businesses and artists and people that live off of the public’s attention, social media has become the primary means of getting the word out about your business.

At Capital.Social we aim to use social media for good to use it as a way to research and confirm tendencies and trends of interest to people.

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