O Sheik dos bitcoins em entrevista a TV Record.

As the money came in, Francis made two moves: sharpening his Christian rhetoric, showing himself to be practically religious, and investing in luxurious style, circulating in private planes and helicopters and expensive restaurants, wearing designer clothes and maintaining a kind of Brazil-United Arab Emirates air bridge.Read More →

Pendulum JUmp in Urici, south of Brazil

Would you live this experience? The Pendulum Jump in Brazil, captured by @fragatafpv, is a life-changing leap that will challenge your limits. This 2.5-second free fall is done over the Avencal Waterfall, a beautiful sight that’s 100 meters high and located 10 km away from the city center of Urubici, in the mountain range of Santa Catarina. If you’re looking for a heart-stopping activity that brings you closer to nature, this is it. The 2.5 seconds free fall over the Avencal Waterfall happens on a magnificient scenery that’s 100 meters high and located 10 km away from the village of Urubici, in the State ofRead More →

Engineer on the side of the road.

After the construction boom, the situation is dramatic in Brazil, and in crisis, even unemployed engineers have become Uber drivers. Since the economic crisis took place in Brazil, sweeping jobs in companies in various sectors, it is increasingly common to find someone who has joined the transport and delivery applications, such as 99, Uber, iFood and Rappi, to pay for their bills. But the worst is that it is not only professionals without specific qualifications who are resorting to the “uberization” of work. The employment recovery has been so slow that even more qualified professionals, such as engineers with higher education (complete or incomplete), areRead More →

Flamengo fan base in the stadium.

Flamengo, a famous Brazilian soccer team has become a powerhouse on the field and works behind the scenes to break barriers outside of it as well. In 2020, the current board of the club had a project to buy a Major League Soccer (MLS) club, the main football league in the United States, which also has clubs from Canada. In addition, the arrival of Rubro-Negro to the USA would involve a real estate construction that would build a new neighborhood in Las Vegas, the Cushman District. The plan was led by the club’s financial vice president, Rodrigo Tostes, who, at the time, resided in theRead More →

Rich and poor side by side in Brazil

A survey on social inequality carried out by Oxfam revealed that the richest 5% hold the same share of income as the remaining 95% of the Brazilian population. The increase in inequality is a global trend, and Brazil has followed this trend. The economy is still very good for those who already have a lot and terrible for those who have little. Jorge Paulo Lemann (AB Inbev), Joseph Safra (Banco Safra), Marcel Hermmann Telles (AB Inbev), Carlos Alberto Sicupira (AB Inbev), Eduardo Saverin (Facebook) and Ermirio Pereira de Moraes (Grupo Votorantim) are the six most people of Brazil. Together, they concentrate the same wealth asRead More →

Inaccurate search results on Google

I usually search tide times in Fort Lauderdale when I’m about to go paddling as there are some spots that only allow for paddling when the tide is high. Everytime I search “Tide fort Lauderdale” I get these old results from Almanac that have incorrect tide times. If people don’t attempt to the fact that its old they might rely on the info Google is showing from Almanac.com. And that’s what happened to me. On a saturday a few months ago, I search for that term and went on my merry way to paddle Whiskey Creek in Dania Beach, by Fort Lauderdale. It’s a beautifulRead More →