Brazilian influencers arrested in the USA

Influencers who accuse Yasmin Brunet of human trafficking are imprisoned in the USA. The three influencers who accused Yasmin Brunet of trafficking, Katiuscia Torres, Desirre Freitas and Leticia Maia, were arrested on the last fourth fair (November 2), in the United States.

They are on the list of detainees in Cumberland County, North Carolina. The reason for the arrest was not disclosed.

The story of Letícia Maia, 21, gained repercussions on social networks, in October, after publishing a video saying that she had fled from a prisoner in the USA, rather than her friend and influencer Desirrê Freitas, she was still not local.

In a publication on her official Instagram profile, Yasmin Brunet shared a video where Katiuscia complained and affirmed that she would not be arrested. The model comes to prison. “She has already been imprisoned in the United States! We see for Brazil that Justiça is just waiting for you to come! ”, she wrote.

How Yasmin was involved in the controversy

Yasmin explained that she was involved after entering the live of Letícia Maia, a Brazilian who would have disappeared in the United States. Afterwards, Katiuscia made a publication accusing her of keeping the girl in captivity, and the three of them would divulge history. “Inclusively, they have already denied everything isso saying that it was just a brincadeira. Do you have a disso song? All this chaos that they created… They even threatened me, né?”, said Brunet.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations, through the Consulate-General in Houston, states that it accompanies the situation of Brazilians and remains available to provide assistance to Brazilians, as well as their families, in accordance with current international treaties and legislation local.

Letícia has been living in the United States since 2019, when she traveled to the country to participate in an exchange. Her family, which is from Perdões, not Sul de Minas, accredited that the young woman was missing. The last face-to-face contact that the country had with the child was in April of this year.

On the internet, Letícia appeared working in the United States as influencer and coach Kat Torres.

The country of the men confirms that Leticia was encouraged to join a group led by Kat Torres who, supposedly, was encouraging Brazilian men to go to the United States. The family still believes that the youth was being threatened by the coach.

In a video that gained repercussions, Letícia also accused actress and model Yasmin Brunet of human trafficking, without any evidence.

Yasmin’s relationship with the story would have started after being a model, commenting on the lives of Letícia about the fact that the youngster had to remain silent about the alleged abuses that she had suffered.

After two comments by Yasmin Brunet, Kat Torres went on to criticize the model, and Letícia accused Yasmin of running a prostitution scheme in the United States.

An Investigation on the disappearance of Brazilians

The case of the Brazilians has been investigated by the Brazilian Civil Police since when Letícia’s family claimed to prove that she was missing. According to the family, she would be being held in private prison by Kat Torres, USA. At the end of October, the Civil Police ruled out this possibility.

According to the police, this hypothesis was ruled out after the first investigations about the disappearance, from contact with the Federal Police and from the images published by the youngsters on social networks.