Most victorious soccer team in Brazil looking to expand internationally

Flamengo, a famous Brazilian soccer team has become a powerhouse on the field and works behind the scenes to break barriers outside of it as well. In 2020, the current board of the club had a project to buy a Major League Soccer (MLS) club, the main football league in the United States, which also has clubs from Canada. In addition, the arrival of Rubro-Negro to the USA would involve a real estate construction that would build a new neighborhood in Las Vegas, the Cushman District. The plan was led by the club’s financial vice president, Rodrigo Tostes, who, at the time, resided in the North American country.

The Brazilian team in question won this Thursday (February 25), the 2020 Brasileirão and ended the season with four titles – they also won Carioca, Rio, the state where Flamengo is from, the Super Cup of Brazil and Recopa Sul-Americana. In the last two years, the red and black (team colors) has already won 7 victories – they won in 2019 the Libertadores (Latin America league), the Brazilian championship and the Carioca (Rio state league) as well.

With so many trophies in the past two seasons, Flamengo has increased its gallery of titles and jumped to the first place in the ranking of titles won by Brazilian clubs in the 21st century and in the last decade of 2010.

Since 2001, the “red and black” has won 19 titles (an average of almost one per year). And in the decade of 2010, Flamengo won 11 titles, having one more than Corinthians, a team from Sao Paulo (10 titles).

The idea was to expand the internationalization of the Flamengo brand and have a branch of the Brazilian club in Las Vegas, with the right to its own stadium. But, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the bureaucratic difficulties encountered, the project did not end up being written off at that moment. At the beginning of 2021, Rodrigo Tostes returned to live in Brazil, but the intention of Rubro-Negro to buy a club from abroad did not fall into oblivion, on the contrary.

Dozens of clubs around the world are currently competing for national championships in countries other than their own. Many of the football teams in Europe, and some basketball teams too, in this case through the NBA league, compete and perform constantly in other countries.

Vin Diesel holds a Flamengo shirt.
Vin Diesel holds a Flamengo shirt.

Does Flamengo have the largest fan base in the world?

With 33 million fans, Flamengo is known as the holder of the biggest fan base in the world. Flamengo won the hearts of fans across the country and is the leader of preference in almost all regions of Brazil.

According to a list posted online, Flamengo is the first one ahead of other equally large fan bases in the world such as Chivas in Mexico, with 30 million fans, and the famous Boca Juniors in Argentina.

Wikipedia has listed results that vary depending on the research institute and its methodologies, including margins of error. But the statement of the largest fan base in Brazil and in the world and in the world is based on surveys carried out with adults, children, and taking into account the population of the state where the club is based, and in the whole country.

Kelly Slater using Flamengo shirt.
Kelly Slater using Flamengo shirt.

The largest soccer bases in the world

The list of the largest teams by fan base in the World is below. It was taken from

2. Chivas (MEX) With 30.8 million fans, Mexico’s Chivas Guadalajara has the second largest crowd in the world. With 12 titles in the Mexican Championship and one runner-up in the Libertadores in 2010, this is one of the most successful teams in the country.

3. America (MEX) It is one of the most traditional teams in Mexico. With 13 titles, América is the team that most often won the Mexican Championship. The club has the third largest crowd in the world, with 26.4 million fans. 

4. Corinthians (BRA) Corinthians is one of the most popular clubs in Brazil and has the second largest crowd in the country. With 24 million fans, the club is the second most popular club in Brazil. It is also worth noting that Timão, according to the survey by Datafolha, has the largest crowd in the Southeast. 

5. Boca Juniors (ARG): Boca Juniors is one of the most successful clubs in the world. There were several national and international achievements. Among them are the winning of 6 Copa Libertadores de América titles and 3 Club World Cups. With 16.4 million fans, Boca Juniors has one of the five most numerous fans on the planet. In addition, it is the most popular club in Argentina. 

6. Juventus (ITA): Juve won the Italian Championship 35 times and is the competition’s biggest winner. In addition, the club was champion of the Champions League on two occasions in history: 1984/85 and 1995/96. 

7. São Paulo (BRA) Another Brazilian team. It is no accident that the São Paulo tricolor is on this list, after all São Paulo is one of the most successful teams in Brazil and the world. São Paulo has the third largest crowd in the country. 

8. Milan (ITA) With 13.4 million fans, the Rossoneri has one of the largest number of fans on the planet. Milan is one of the most successful teams in the world and is the Italian club with the most international achievements. 

9. Real Madrid (ESP) One of the richest clubs in the world, Real Madrid usually has several stars in its squad. Several stars have played for the merengue team. Among them are Cristiano Ronaldo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Di Stéfano etc. 

10. River Plate (ARG) River Plate has 13.2 million passionate fans and is among the most numerous fans on the planet. It is one of the most successful teams in South American football. 

International celebrities that dressed the Flamengo shirt

As the largest soccer team in Brazil, it’s logical that many celebrities that go there and watch a match live or not want to dress up on Flamengo’s T Shirt for a photo op. They also dress that of other teams, to suck up for their fans of other teams, but Flamengo as the largest one ends up being the one that’s most commonly chosen.

A quick search on the internet brings pictures of many celebrities that when visiting Brazil, dressed the Black and Red shirt.

Ja rule wearing Flamengo shirt
Here’s Ja Rule next to Dudu Nobre, Brazilian samba personality. Both wearing the Flamengo shirt.


Rhonda Rousey at the stadium wearing the black and red.
Rhonda Rousey at the stadium wearing the black and red.


Snoop Dogg gets his shirt autographed by Ronaldinho.
Snoop Dogg gets his shirt autographed by Ronaldinho.

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