The amazing pendulum jump on a canyon in Brazil

Would you live this experience? The Pendulum Jump in Brazil, captured by @fragatafpv, is a life-changing leap that will challenge your limits.

This 2.5-second free fall is done over the Avencal Waterfall, a beautiful sight that’s 100 meters high and located 10 km away from the city center of Urubici, in the mountain range of Santa Catarina. If you’re looking for a heart-stopping activity that brings you closer to nature, this is it.

The 2.5 seconds free fall over the Avencal Waterfall happens on a magnificient scenery that’s 100 meters high and located 10 km away from the village of Urubici, in the State of Santa Catarina.

This video by Unilad on Facebook is believed to be taken from a Brazilian company named Salto de Pendulo (Pendulum Jump) who specialises in outdoor activities. According to their website, ‘We do the Rope Jump because we love to connect with people and be part of their overcoming moments.’

In the video below, which has already amassed over 8.9 million views on Facebook, a woman can be seen carefully making her way to the edge of a canyon before instructors give her a gentle push over the edge. She then seems to drop vertically towards the ground, before vanishing into the thick clouds engulfing the canyon.

Salto de Pendulo also organizes the same type of bungee jump on other canyons in Brazil. The two others available on their websites are:
– CÂNION ESPRAIADO (URUBICI – SC): 40 km from the center of Urubici, it brings in the landscape the plateau of Santa Catarina and beautiful waterfalls that amplify the beauty of the place. They are over 450 meters high and 2.5 seconds of free fall.

– CÂNION AMOLA FACA (SÃO JOSÉ DOS AUSENTES – RS): Next to one of the largest waterfalls in Brazil, the landscape and plains are cinematographic. It is 550 meters high and 4.5 seconds of free fall.

The Rope Swing is a transformative experience that attracts people from all over the world to jump. Laurent for example, came from Australia to live this experience of jumping off a canyon in Brazil. “I am not the same person who was here before the jump. I am a different person right now. And this is the kind of person I want to be. That’s the mental capacity I need to move on to the next level!”

The pendulum works as a swing that is attached to a cable suspended between the two sides of the cliff. For this particular one, I don’t know if they pull you back up or if they let some slack out of one of the cables and set you down on the canyon floor after you stop moving.

I have bungy jumped before but this looks way scarier! I’d like to think I would do it but not being able to see the other side would freak me out. It adds another level of scary into this.

Pendulum jump brazil price

The canyon rope swing in Brazil costs about 250 R$ but currently they are only taking reservations.

Pendulum jump brazil death

Another famous video online that shows a guy jumping to his death on a bungee jump in Brazil was not at this spot or operated by this company. A bungee jumper fell to his death after plunging down from a tall bridge in Brazil’s Sao Paulo as his shocked family watched in horror. A video footage of the entire incident showing the distressing moment the 36-year-old leaps to his death has appeared online.