Free Fire: Who is El Gato? Meet the Battle Royale Streamer

Rodrigo Fernandes, known as El Gato, makes millions on digital platforms and has established himself as one of the main names on the Free Fire game in Brazil. His trajectory passed through gastronomy, humor and religion.

A Free Fire phenomenon at the age of 27, Rodrigo “El Gato” is one of the main names when it comes to Garena’s Battle Royale. Entrepreneur, comedian, actor and streamer, the creator of Los Grandes team has more than seven million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has more than two million followers on Nimo, where he broadcasts live daily.

On his Instagram, where he doesn’t limit himself and shows off the luxury life he built mainly because of Free Fire, the influencer has just over 3.7 million people who follow him daily.

Rodrigo Fernandes was born in Cerejeira, a city that has a little over 10 thousand inhabitants and is located in the countryside of Rondônia, a state by the Amazon. Left by his father when he was still a child, Rodrigo and his mother went to Minas Gerais at an early age, where the boy was raised under the influence of the family, largely formed by hairdressers.

Even though he tried to follow the family business, El Gato realized he had no way of doing it; he tried gastronomy, but did not follow up on cooking, even though he was passionate about cooking, as he has told several times. During a time in his life, the player even worked in a cheese factory located in his home state.

Leaving aside the cuisine, Rodrigo found himself in religion and ended up becoming a preacher at the church he attended. Humorous and relaxed, he created a YouTube channel, where he frequently posted videos relating religion and humor.

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Taking the name of the influencer and full of his old videos, the channel is still on air today and has 2.4 million subscribers. At a certain point in his life, El Gato even moved to São Paulo, where he tried his hand at life as a comedian, doing stand-up work and investing in a career as a comedian, which soon would saturate him.

Seeking new opportunities, the Rondônia native created a Free Fire channel on YouTube. On his first published video, it reached a far below average audience, but he didn’t give up. After some videos were published, the numbers started to grow unexpectedly and El Gato broke out. He adopted the name “El Gato” in reference to the Puss in Boots character from the animated franchise “Shrek”.

Later, after being invited to compete for other teams a few times, he created Los Grandes, an organization that is a reference in the Free Fire scene, disputes the first division of the Brazilian League and promotes one of the most popular screens in the scene, where they are revealed new talents who, at the end of the dispute, receive a contract and a whole structure to become professionals in Free Fire.

Even being the owner of the organization, El Gato already represented Los Grandes as a professional player, even playing in the main national tournament of the sport at the time. Although he was not successful in his career, as the LGD closed the 2nd season of the Pro League in sixth place, El Gato still managed to wrest the title of “King of the Spear” from the broadcast stand due to the plays he played with the Spear- Grenades throughout the championship.

However, everything comes to an end…

On the rise, consolidated as one of the biggest names in the history of Free Fire in the country, El Gato intends to chart new paths in his life. Although financially accomplished, the influencer revealed earlier this year that he is tired and unmotivated to continue doing what he does, claiming 2020 will be his last year working with Free Fire

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